UniStrap Bio Security Seals

SKU: Product Code: BIO412
Manufacturer part number: BIO412
Products specifications
Applications Cash bags, mail bags, fuel valves, freight containers, secure transportation
Product Size Guide Multiple available - please refer to specific model
Material Biodegradable Polypropylene
Customisation Options Printed text, logos, sequential numbers, barcodes/QR codes and white write-on surfaces. Double-sided printing available.

UniStrap security seals with special biodegradable additive

UniStrap Bio seals are versions of the UniStrap 412 and Unistrap 415 models, produced with a special biodegradable BioSphere additive. Biodegradable seals moulded with this additive exhibit greatly increased rates of biodegradation compared to normal plastic materials, even when disposed of in landfill or other anaerobic environments.

Reports demonstrate that biodegradation can be increased 200-fold, meaning that plastic can fully biodegrade into harmless materials in years rather than centuries. This is in contrast to other types of additive which do not fully breakdown the plastic, and contribute to the problems of microplastics in our environments. Inclusion of the biodegradable additive does not affect the strength or performance characteristics of our security seals when properly stored or in use; seals only degrade when exposed to the microbial environment of landfills.

  • Security seals moulded with special BioSphere biodegradable additive - vastly increases biodegradation rate of plastics
  • Biodegradable seals harmless degrade in years, rather than centuries. Anaerobic Biodegradation under ASTM D5511 Test method


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