Tote Boxes & Plug Seals

Our security tote boxes, otherwise known as ALC's (attached lid containers), and plug seals are the perfect solution for the secure storage and transport of many kinds of bulk items, inventory and documents for archive. Our ALC tote boxes are available in a range of colour and size options, including popular 28ltr, 43lt, 55ltr and 80ltr sizes. Our plug seals (also known as 'tote box seals', 'arrow lock seals' and 'crate seals') are available from UK stocks in multiple colours with/without security barcode numbering, or alternatively can be customised with your own information. Security tote seals are often used in the pharmaceutical sector to protect hazardous or dangerous substances, and in the retail sector for the protection and storage of merchandise.

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CrocLoc Tote Box Plug Seal

Tote box plug seal, produced in mats of 6pcs. Customisable with bespoke logos and barcoding.

Plain & Numbered SK1 Plug Seals

Tamper-evident plug seals for many kinds of tote boxes, available in plain or numbered options

Paired SK1 Plug Seals

Paired, duplicate numbered plug seals for all types of tote box / ALC

Unitote ALC boxes (28-80L)

Unitote ALCs - secure storage and transport (sizes from 28-80L)

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