Secure Transport & Logistics

Our secure transport packaging products help to provide safe and secure transit of your goods, ensuring that valuable cargo arrives at its destination in pristine condition free from damage which can be caused in international freight movements. Our wide range of solutions can provide cargo protection across many types of consignments, including secure transit and shipment of individual items such as clothing garments, parcels, crates, pallets, tote boxes and shipping containers. This includes protection from exposure to moisture with our container desiccant bags; protection from mishandling with our shock and tilt indicator labels; well as the supply of dunnage bags which help to keep cargo securely stowed in shipping containers and HGV trailers.

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StrapSecure Pallet Seal

Innovative seal for increased security of pallets in transit

Tilt Indicator Cargo Labels

Tilt indicator labels monitor for unacceptable tilting of cargo which must remain upright

Trailer TIR Cords

TIR cords for curtain-side vehicles

Coathanger Seal

Tamper-evident clothing separator seal

Repair-a-Patches for Curtain Sided Trailers

Curtain Sided Trailer Repair Kits, with self-adhesive patch to repair damage to tarpaulins

CrocLoc Tote Box Plug Seal

Tote box plug seal, produced in mats of 6pcs. Customisable with bespoke logos and barcoding.

Paired SK1 Plug Seals

Paired, duplicate numbered plug seals for all types of tote box / ALC

Plain & Numbered SK1 Plug Seals

Tamper-evident plug seals for many kinds of tote boxes, available in plain or numbered options

GarmentShield Clothing Security Tags

Anti-wardrobing security tags to reduce fraudulent clothing / garment returns

Shock Indicator Cargo Labels

Shock indicator labels. Monitor sensitive cargo to protect against mishandling during transit

Heavy-duty Woven PP Security Sacks

Strong heavy-duty sacks in durable woven PP material, with eyelets for security sealing

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