Asset and Inspection Tags

Our range of industrial equipment and periodic inspection tags provide comprehensive tagging solutions for industrial and construction environments. We provide light-weight printed cable ties and marker ties, metal-detectable and food-grade nylon ties, heavy-duty security seals with large paddles, rubberised/shatterproof periodic inspection tags, as well as a range of custom-printed PET and polypropylene tags to suit your needs.

Our range is ideal for the tagging of plant and equipment to ensure appropriate safety and inspection regimes are maintained - ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation, including LOLER, PUWER and Working at Height regulations. They are particularly suited to the lifting industry, to identify next inspection dates and expiration periods for lifting shackles, safety nets, safety valves and so on.

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Plastic InspectaTags (200 micron)

Bespoke 200 micron equipment inspection and industrial tags

Customised Multi-part InspectaTags

Bespoke multi-part tags for flange inspection and joint integrity tagging applications

0.5mm Durable Polypropylene Tags

Durable plastic tags for industrial use, such as inspection tagging

Plain & Engraved Metal Tags

Plain or engraved aluminium, brass or steel industrial/inspection tags for long durability

Engraved 3mm Laminate Tags

3mm engraved laminate industrial tags for most durable tag solution

Rubberised InspectaTag - Periodic Inspection Tags

Rubberised periodic equipment inspection tag for lifting industry

Fire Seal / one-use equipment seal

Fire extinguisher seal, also used as single-use equipment inspection seal

'N', 'L', 'L1', 'L2' and 'L3' Printed Electrical Cable Ties

Printed electrical cable ties for identification of live and neutral wire cables

'Next Inspection Due' Cable Ties

Cable Ties custom-printed with date of next inspection

Printed Marker Ties

Printed in-line marker tie for uncluttered inspection tagging

Tab Tie 200mm

Versatile identification tie, used across waste and industrial sectors

Tracewaste Security Seals

Our low-cost, plastic pull thru seal with full customisation

Flexigrip 150M Cable Seals

Light-weight metal construction 1.5mm cable seal, accepted as Group 2 HMRC Customs seal

Flexigrip 325M Cable Seals

High-security 3.25mm cable seal for ISO 17712 / CT-PAT movements

UniFlag Big Tag Security Seals

Our robust all-in-one seal featuring big tag for affixing adhesive labels or bespoke prints

Lead Seals

Multi-purpose lead seals used in conjunction with sealing wire for industrial applications

Plastic Meter Seals

Plastic meter seals, an alternative to lead seals

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