Clinical Waste Ties & Hospital Seals

Clinical waste bag security seals and numbered cable ties are used to securely seal and trace bags of infectious or offensive clinical waste generated in NHS hospitals and other clinical environments. Each clinical waste seal is sequentially number coded and custom-printed with identifiers such as hospital, ward, department or postcode information so that items of clinical waste can be traced back to their source. Our traceable clinical waste seals are available in range of colours to provide quick verification of waste stream types, and we can also accommodate special requirements such as barcoding, white write-on surfaces and bespoke packaging for your particular ward dispensing requirements.

Universeal UK has over 30 years’ experience supplying to both NHS and healthcare distributors, and we are now one of the largest UK manufacturers of clinical waste seals in the UK and beyond. We continue to invest in our business and have modern injection moulding, print and warehousing capabilities based here in the UK to maintain consistent supply to our many customers. We hold pre-numbered clinical waste seals (numbered black and yellow seals) for quick despatch and customised seals are available on quick production lead times. We also supply a range of other specialist security seals and asset tags suitable for niche applications within healthcare environments, such as crash trolleys, first aid kits, emergency kit bags, and patient lifting slings.

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TabLock Security Seals

Low-cost all-in-one pull-through security seal in two lengths

Clinical Waste Tab Ties

Low-cost, custom-printed clinical waste tab ties

Clinical Waste Cable Ties

Clinical waste cable bag ties printed to your specification

Plain Cable Ties

Full range of plain cable ties, from 2.5mm to 12.7mm widths

Tracewaste Security Seals

Cost-effective plastic pull through tamper-evident security seal, manufactured in the UK

Tracewaste Tear-Off Security Seals

Our Tracewaste seal with tear-line for easy removal by hand without tools

Write-on Tracewaste Tag

Our Tracewaste seals with custom-print, writeable areas

Fire Seal Equipment Tamper Security Seals

Anti Tamper Fire Extinguisher Seals For One-Use Equipment Inspection

Uniflex D Padlock Seals

Versatile tamper-proof easy-break padlock seal / locking tag

Cleaning & Inspection Tags

2.5mm wide colour-coded tags for cleaning & inspection regimens

Customised L-Shaped Vinyl Wristbands

Customised L-shaped vinyl wristbands for events, patient ID etc

Hospital & Patient Vinyl XL Wristbands

Extra-large Hospital & clinical patient wristbands / ID bracelets

Clinical Waste Tape

Cost-effective sealing of clinical waste

Low Tack Infection Control Tape

Low-adhesive infection control tape for identifying items requiring regular cleaning and sanitisation.

Cleaned & Sanitised Security Labels

Void security labels for audit control of cleaning & sanitisation regimes

UniLabel - No Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label without residue transfer

UniLabel - Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label with residue transfer

Medical Pharmacy Bags

Padded & tamper-evident pharmacy bags for transport of controlled drugs. Available with/without handles.

Secure Cytotoxic Drug Bags

Secure cytotoxic bags for the controlled handling of toxic or dangerous drugs

UNI520 Surgical Locking Tags

Locking tags for sealing of equipment and trays processed during surgical & sterilisation procedures

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