Security Tape & Security Labels

Security labels, security stickers and security tapes prevent unauthorised users from tampering with a sealed item without the knowledge of the user. Our guides to security labels and security tapes provides some helpful tips on the considerations when choosing security labels, including three main types...

  • Residue Labels: leaves a VOID print residue upon the surface being sealed as well as defacing the security label itself;
  • Non-Residue Labels: causes delamination of the security label itself only, leaving the surface being sealed unmarked;
  • Destructible Labels: any attempt to remove the security label will cause cracking and erosion, making tamper attempts obvious.

Security labels can be used on many different types of surfaces for tamper-evident security, identification and also to raise the profile of your brand.

Our security tape is available in residue & non-residue options, with/without security marking, environmentally-friendly paper tape material, as well as optional security numbering and perforations, for high degree of tamper-evidence. As well as our stock items (available quickly and in many standard sizes), we are also able to offer completely bespoke security labels, stickers or security tape, produced to your size, specification, marking etc.

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UniLabel - Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label with residue transfer

UniLabel - No Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label without residue transfer

UniLabel - Easy-Break, No Residue Security Labels

No-residue void security label, with easy-break security scores

Unilabel - Vinyl Destructible Security Labels

Customised, fragmentable / destructible security labels

Customised UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Customised tamper-evident security tape for boxes, crates & pallets - tailored to your needs

UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident security tape with residue transfer and markings

Numbered UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident residue security tape, numbered in perforated strips

Plain UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Plain, economy packaging security tape with residue transfer.

SecureCam No Photo Security Labels

Camera security labels to restrict photography in restricted areas

UniLabel Eco - Paper Security Labels

Tamper-evident security labels in 100% paper-based sustainable material

Cleaned & Sanitised Security Labels

Void security labels for audit control of cleaning & sanitisation regimes

DeliverSafe Food Security Labels

Anti-tamper food delivery labels to ensure takeaway services reach consumer unopened

GarmentShield Clothing Security Tags

Anti-wardrobing security tags to reduce fraudulent clothing / garment returns

Genuine Parts Security Labels

Genuine Parts Security Labels for authenticity and integrity of components

UniTape Eco - Paper Security Tape

Residue security tape in 100% paper-based sustainable material

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