Security Tape & Labels

Tamper-evident security labels, stickers and security tapes prevent unauthorised users from tampering with a sealed item (such as a carton or pallet) without the knowledge of the legitimate user. They are manufactured from specialised pressure-sensitive materials which react upon removal or tampering, voiding the material with a standard or bespoke void marking. Our security labels are available in residue ("total transfer") and non-residue ("low residue) void material options - see our guide for more information on these options.

Our security tape is also available in residue & non-residue options, with/without security marking, environmentally-friendly paper material, as well as optional security numbering and perforations, for high degree of tamper-evidence. As well as our stock items (available quickly and in many standard sizes), we are also able to offer completely bespoke security labels and security tape, produced to your size, specification and custom requirement.

Guide to Security Labels     Guide to Security Tape

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