Healthcare Clinical Waste Bags

Using the appropriate UN3291-certified clinical waste sacks within medical and hospital facilities is a crucial health and safety requirement mandated by UK and international regulations for safe transport and disposal of hazardous waste. Clinical waste is separated into different streams depending on its contents and should be disposed in the relevant alternative treatment, incineration or landfill facilities depending on the likely risks to human health. The clinical waste bag categories shown below (yellow, orange, tiger stripe and domestic waste sacks) are the most popular ranges, accounting for 95% of the clinical waste produced in the medical sector.

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Orange Clinical Waste Sacks

Orange clinical waste sacks for infectious human waste

Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks

Yellow clinical waste sacks for contaminated and infectious human waste

Tiger Stripe Clinical Waste Sacks

Tiger stripe offensive waste sacks for non-infectious waste

Clear and Black Domestic Waste Sacks

Clear and black sacks for domestic waste, printed 'Household Waste only'

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