High-Security Container Bolt Seals

Our high security Locktainer container bolt seals are the ideal barrier seal for the secure transportation of shipping containers, trucks and trailers. Our bolt seals are fully ISO17712 and CT-PAT compliant, offering the highest level of protection for your cargo throughout the world. Our barrier seals are regularly re-tested to ensure continued compliance with ISO17712 certification standards. Our bolt seals are accepted by UK, US and EEC custom authorities, as well as being the only approved seal for EuroTunnel freight. We supply sequentially numbered bolt seals from stock, as well as customised bolt seals.

Locktainer 2020 Bolt Seal

The Ideal Container Seal, CT-PAT and ISO 17712 approved

Locktainer 2000 Bolt Seal

Container seal with encapsulated marking for increased security

Specialist Bolt Seals

Specialist bolt seals for bespoke use

Channel Tunnel Bolt Seals

Channel Tunnel Freight approved security seal

Fork Seals

Unparallelled barrier protection

Heavy-duty Bolt Cutters

Cutters for Locktainer Bolt Seals