Securing your workplace against Covid 19

Secure Covi19 workspaces

Our Infection Control Range includes Floor Warning Tapes, Advisory Notices, Hand Sanitisers and Colour-Coded Tags... Helping you to Secure Your Workplace against Covid 19

During this difficult time, some of the most effective ways to keep people safe are also the simplest. Our infection control range of warning tapes, low-tack infection control tapes, floor stickerscolour-coded ties and Covid 19 advisory posters help to communicate critical health and safety guidance to your customers, employees and visitors.

We are also now supplying a liquid hand sanitiser product, specially formulated with 75% alcohol content as approved by WHO, to keep your people safe.

who-approved liquid sanitiser social distancing tape infection control tape
WHO-approved Liquid Hand Sanitiser Social Distancing Warning Tape Low-Tack Infection Control Tape 


 floor warning sticker  A3 vinyl advisory posters  Colour-coded Cleaning Inspection Ties
Floor Warning Stickers A3 Advisory Adhesive Posters Colour-coded Cleaning Tags


All of our product ranges can be customised to your requirements, so please contact us on 01829 760000 or [email protected] if you have particular requirements.

New for 2020: Introducing the UNI520 Padlock security seals

Small and easy to apply, the UNI520 Padlock seal provides a tamper proof sealing solution for medical kits, cabinets, trolleys & more

UNI520 padlock seals on medical kits

The UNI520 Padlock seal is an all-in-one moulded security seal, suitable for use on medical cabinets, trolleys and kits to indicate the integrity of the sealed contents. For example, the seal serves as a quick visual guide to indicate that medical kits are fully stocked and do not require replenishing, or that equipment has been used and requires decontamination. They are small security devices, easily applied and removed by hand, giving you a simple and user-friendly method to increase security in your organisation or supply chain.

The UNI520 is available in three colours from our UK warehouse (red, blue and green colours), pre-marked with sequential numbering for unique seal application every time. We are also able to customise the UNI520 with your own colour or print requirements, including bespoke organisation information, logos, number ranges and barcoding. 

Please visit the product page here to buy online, or give us a call on 01829 760000 or email [email protected] to discuss your security seal needs today.


Making your mark! Choosing the correct print type for your security seals

Security seals can be marked in a number of different ways with a variety of print methods, incorporating company names, logos, sequential numbering and barcoding.  Most commonly, our production facilities use laser, thermal transfer or hot-stamp print methodologies, and each marking type brings its own advantages and disadvantages, and is suited to particular types of application.

We categorise these marking types with different levels of security, High, Medium and Low:-

Print methods for security seals

When choosing the most suitable print method for your security seals, it is important to take into consideration the application of the seal - how it will be used and handled; for how long will it be in use; and in what kind of environments the security seal will be expected to perform. 

For example, a seal intended for outdoor use would require the most resistant laser marking to ensure resistance to the elements, including UV light emitted by the sun, temperature changes and moisture.

Conversely, for barcode readability on a security seal being used inside or in darker environments, thermal transfer print provides the best contrast and barcode scan-rates, although thermal print can degrade if the seal is likely to come into contact with solvents or abrasion. In this case laser-print barcoding is an option, although we recommend printing on pale colours only to ensure the barcode scan-rates remain high.

Another option, available on particular models of identification ties and security seals, is hot-stamping (also known as hot-foil engraving). Hot-foil prints are indelible, and have medium resistance to chemicals or solvents – they are particularly suited to printing on products which are more difficult to laser-print effectively, such as nylon cable ties and security seals. Hot-stamping is also particularly suited for applications in which users wish to hand-write on the security seal, as hot-stamped white areas can be easily written on using a variety on pens and permanent markers.

If you are in doubt as to the best marking type or the most suitable security seal for your application we are happy to talk you through the best options.  Please give us a call on 01829 760000 to discuss your needs today.

Universeal UK gains certification under HM Revenue & Customs Security Protocols

Protecting your interests whatever the Brexit forecast! Universeal UK gains Notice 205 HMRC customs acceptance for range of security seals 

Following recent re-testing, we are pleased to announce the certification of three Universeal UK security seals for acceptance by HM Revenue & Customs as suitable Notice 205 customs seals. This means they have been rigorously tested in their design, construction and secure anti-tamper features to ensure that they are resistant to known attempts to defeat security seals and so gain unauthorised access to sealed road, rail and sea freight cargo whilst in transit and during customs handling.

This will enable UK and European traders to use Universeal UK accepted seals in relevant circumstances as specified in HMRC customs guidance. With the continuing uncertainty regarding the status of the border between the UK and EU member states after Brexit, the use of accepted customs seals is one way to mitigate the risks of a hard border. It will also help to ensure that ongoing international trade is as frictionless as possible: our Locktainer 2020SH bolt seal, FlexiGrip 150M cable seal and Metal Globe metal strip seal have now all been added onto the HM Revenue & Customs customs sealing acceptance list as appropriate sealing devices for Customs purposes.

The Security Seal Testing Authority (SSTA) arranges independent testing of seals under criteria laid down in the European Community’s Regulations 2454-93 Article 386 Annex 46a, together with the Security Seal Specification SSIA-98-A.  H M Revenue & Customs categorize security seals into 3 groups:

Group 1: High-Security Barrier Seals

Barrier Security seals that can withstand a tensile test of 1000kgs and which have the unique reference number marked on each component in the case of two piece seals. Our Locktainer 2020 bolt seal is now Group 1 HMRC customs accepted.

Group 2: Security Barrier Seals

Barrier security seals that can withstand a tensile test of 250kgs, together with those two piece seals which, although capable of meeting the physical criteria laid down under Group 1, only have the unique number on one part. Our Flexigrip 150M cable seal is now Group 2 HMRC customs accepted.

Group 3: Indicative Security Seals

Indicative security seals, where strength is not considered a determining factor. Our Globe security seal is now Group 3 HMRC customs accepted.

Summary of Classifications

Group 1                Locktainer 2020SH Bolt Seal (also ISO17712:2013 & USA C-TPAT-approved)

Group 2                FlexiGrip 150M Cable Seal

Group 3                Globe Metal Strip seal

These models are stock items available for despatch from our UK.

In the run up to Brexit and the concerns surrounding no deal scenarios and possible delays at borders, we would recommend all freight entering or leaving the UK to be sealed with accepted trader seals to ensure the minimum amount of disruption during customs handling. The use of approved security seals which reach appropriate quality standards will also help to protect your cargos should delays cause trailers or shipping containers to be held at checkpoints or whilst stationary in queuing traffic.

The current HM Revenue Customs list is available under Notice 205, available on UK government website here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-205-official-customs-seals-and-trader-sealing/notice-205-official-customs-seals-and-trader-sealing

Please call for more information or to discuss your security seal requirements with us.

Truly environmentally-friendly, biodegradable security seals

Universeal UK pioneers first truly biodegradable environmentally-friendly security seals 


Universeal UK has this month begun trialling the incorporation of revolutionary new green, environmentally-friendly plastic technologies into our plastic security seals to mitigate against the environmental hazards of single-use plastics.

Awareness of the environmental damage caused by single-use plastics, especially in our rivers, lakes and oceans, has rightly taken centre-stage in the public consciousness in recent years. Whilst most security seals are manufactured from materials which are 100% recyclable, the difficulty of responsibly recycling security seals which might travel all over the world with their cargos has presented a major challenge for the security seal industry.

Formulating single-use plastics which can properly degrade into harmless by-products has been a major goal of the industry, but has until now been a huge technical challenge to solve. Whilst supposedly “biodegradable” and environmentally-friendly “green” plastic security seals have been around for years, unfortunately the materials they are made from have not always been the cure-all which some would claim.

The problem with many supposed green plastics is that they can actually contribute to the problem of plastic waste. For instance, “oxo-degradable” plastics have actually contributed to the problems of micro-plastics in recent years, and are now being banned through many parts of the world. Similarly, other supposedly green “compostable” plastics only actually bio-degrade in special industrial composting facilities, which break the plastic down by using a combination of oxygen and heat. However, this means that if the plastic goes to normal landfill (of which around 80% of plastic still does) it will not biodegrade, as in such landfills there is not enough oxygen or heat to do the job of breaking the plastic down. The plastic therefore continues to persist for many hundreds or thousands of years in landfill. Alternatively, they are simply burnt and thereby release the carbon and other damaging substances which any other type of plastic would do. A further serious problem with these types of compostable plastics is that they cannot be recycled along with other types of conventional plastic – meaning that they can potentially cause more harm than good.

Over the last few years Universeal UK has been monitoring the development of technologies which can provide a better solution for single-use security seals. We are now extremely pleased to report that we have identified a revolutionary type of additive which can be incorporated into plastic security seals and can successfully biodegrade the plastic in the environments in which discarded security seals are commonly found: our landfill sites, or even worse, our oceans. The additive - which can be added to conventional plastic without affecting its properties - acts to break down the plastic even in anaerobic environments, once exposed to the types of bacteria commonly present in all types of conventional landfills, oceans and streams.

Once in contact with this bacteria, plastics can start breaking down as quickly as 30 days from their time of entering into the environment – this is in contrast to conventional plastic which persists for hundreds if not thousands of years. By-products left behind are Humus and Methane (bio-mass and Bio-gas), which are non-toxic; humus can actually be used as new soil to grow plants, and methane may be harvested into fuel. Independent third-party tests have shown that the additive conforms to ASTM 5511 testing standards, which is an internationally-recognised measure of biodegradation in anaerobic conditions prevalent in landfill environments.

Our trials of this potentially revolutionary technology are ongoing. Truly biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and recyclable security seals will help you to reduce your use of conventional environmentally-damaging single-use plastics in your supply chain - we hope to launch our first product ranges by the end of this year. Please contact the team at [email protected] to let us know of your interest, so that we can keep you notified of the launch of this exciting new range.