More than just a Security Seal Company!

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Universeal UK is a major manufacturer and distributor of tamper-evident security seals based here in UK; however, we have many other strings to our bow!

We are now a major provider of security and asset labels, identification ties, specialised ferrules and sealing wire for meters, as well as single-trip and reusable security cash and mailing bags.

Further than that, over the past few years we have also worked closely with many customers on developing or sourcing safety lockout, storage and tag solutions for many other types of use.  This includes products for the safe lockout of industrial equipment; inspection tags for incorporation within periodic inspection regimes; tote boxes for archival and retail storage; as well as ties and tags for food-contact applications.

Please take a look below at examples of other product ranges we can help you with:-


Safety Lockout Products


Inspection Tags

Security Labels

Security Pouches and Mailing Bags

ALC Storage Tote Boxes & Tote Security Seals

Food-Contact Ties and Tags


All of our products can be customised with bespoke printed information to suit your particular application and requirements.

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SecureCam - No Photography Security Labels

Restrict your View: No Photography Security Labels 

No photography security labels No photography labels on smartphone

The pervasive use of smartphones in our modern world ensures that the taking of a photo or a video is as simple as reaching into your pocket; it is something that we all now take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

However, the ease with which any individual can now take a photograph or video on their phone presents a major challenge to any business or organisation welcoming visitors to their premises, whilst also needing to safeguard their own security interests. Such privacy and security concerns come in many forms: for example, it could be a manufacturer who wishes to protect technical know-how, or a government or public agency that wishes to restrict knowledge of sensitive infrastructure, layouts or procedures.

One solution to this problem is to ask visitors to surrender their phones, laptops or other electronics at point of entry; however, this is a rather blunt tool and comes with its own procedural headaches in regard to collection and re-distribution of devices. It is also risks offending visitors who understandably would prefer to keep valuables in their own possession.

Universeal SecureCam tamper-evident camera security labels offer a more flexible and effective solution to camera phone security. SecureCam no photography camera labels are available in a range of sizes and colours, and can be placed over phone or laptop camera lenses quickly – preventing pictures or videos from being taken. Any attempt to remove security labels and then replace in order to take a photo with the camera will clearly be demonstrated by a ‘void’ message, which appears throughout the entire SecureCam label as soon as the label is removed.

No photography camera labels, sealed and voided

Our SecureCam labels are produced from a no-residue tamper-evident material, which means they do not leave any void material on devices once removed, and can be easily disposed of once no longer required. Each label is uniquely numbered, and application and recording of security labels can be easily incorporated into visitor registration identification procedures.

We offer SecureCam no photography labels in standard stock sizes, and can also customise for your own requirements; including your own custom size labels, company logo, unique marking, and security numbers.

If you have security concerns over the use camera phones within your workplace or organisation, please give us a call today to discuss how Universeal UK can assist you with our no photography security labels.

Event Security Tagging

Event Security Safeguarding with Tamper-proof Tags

The security and safeguarding of large-scale events, such as sports stadiums and music venues, has never been more important, and those overseeing security procedures must continually review appropriate prevention and detection strategies to deal with threats posed.

Universeal UK specialises in tamper-evident identification tagssecurity VOID labels and security seals, used throughout industrial and commercial supply chains to ensure integrity, protection of assets, and to reduce risk.

Increasingly, such security seals are also being used as part of event security, particularly to aid in the screening of potential threats to sports matches, music festivals, concerts and other types of staged events. For example, our security seals can be used as bag security tags, to act as an indicator that particular bags have been screened and security-checked.

Our range of security products include:

Identification Ties & Labels                                                                                                                        for identification and traceability of moveable items, such Universeal Tab Ties
Security Seals customised security tamper-evident seals for wide application, such as the Tracewaste Seal, for bag and clothing tagging
Security Void Labels security labels to apply in ‘flat’ applications – for example, to seal crates, roll cages and doors – such as our easy-break Unilabel


Such products provide an additional security measure in reducing risks posed by unidentified packages, bags and other items.

All of our products can be customised with event branding, unique marking and unique sequential numbering. We produce many seals here in the UK and can offer a competitive, responsive service.

 Please give us a call on 01829 760000 or email [email protected] to discuss your event and how Universeal can help you.

Fashion Fix - Securing Garments in Transit

Get your Fashion Fix! Securing Garments in Transit

Hanger security seals

In the fast-moving world of fashion retail and logistics, having yours or your customers’ garments delivered to the right place and at the right time, free from damage or theft is of crucial importance to the growth of a successful clothes retailer. However, many garments moved on clothes hangers are particularly difficult to transport and protect from interference, as they are hung on rails in transit and so are liable to displacement, pilferage or other damage en route.

garment transport security

The Universeal Coathanger Seal is one ingenious way to ensure that garments are protected and secured in transit appropriately. By securing a series of wire hangers with a coathanger seal, upto ten garments can be secured and transported together. The seal avoids bunching, creasing, and helps lightweight garments to stay on their hangers whilst in transit. The seals also reduces scope for opportunists to remove odd garments from rails, as this cannot be achieved without breaking the seal – providing the authorised user with clear evidence of breach in their supply chain.

The Coathanger seal is available in a bright red as standard, allowing for quick visual identification of intact seals. Alternatively, for volume requirements we are able to produce in a range of colours to suit your particular needs.

Clothes-in-transit present a real challenge in logistics, as safely transporting items which combine the qualities of being fast-moving, high-value and fragile is not without its difficulty. However, security solutions such as our Coathanger Seals provide one cost-effective way to manage and reduce risks to fashion goods, and to ensure that garments arrive to their point of sale looking their best.

Please contact us on 01829 760000 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Security Seals for Known Cargo / SPX Cargo

The Department for Transport, as part of a European wide regulations to standardise and improve aviation security, oversees the ‘known consignor’ scheme for consignments, whereby authorised and audited operators may apply their own in-house measures for the secure preparation of cargo destined for despatch by airfreight. This allows expedited cargo movements for those who follow best practice in the industry. Such cargo is classified as ‘known cargo’ or ‘SPX cargo’.

An application to the DfT for approval as a Known Consignor will be followed by a visit from a DfT accredited validator. If the shipper’s safety and audit controls meet the requirement they will be issued a unique identifier. Further information is available from the specialist aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (please visit: www.caa.co.uk).

Security seals are an important part of this process, both for the shipper who processes and packs goods for cargo movements, and for logistic operators who handle consignments between locations. Indicative seals, such as cable security seals and non-residue security labels, are uniquely numbered and provide suitable tamper-evident security to protect against unauthorised interference.

As an example of how such security seals can assist in practice, consider the role of a courier company transporting safety-critical aircraft parts between suppliers and secure airport facilities. If the goods are sent from a known consignor, who is accredited under national regulations, then consignments can be loaded within vans at the supplier facility, and a security label placed over the side and rear doors to verify the authorised loading. This allows the consignment to proceed directly for embarkation at airport. On the other hand, if they are not a known consignor then the load will have to proceed to a cargo handler, to be x-rayed and security validated. The consignment can be then sealed in the van in the same way, and proceed to the airport.

Security seals will be checked at the airline to make sure they have not been broken or tampered with. Our indicative plastic seals for trailers, cable security seals for air cargo containers, and security labels for vans can assist in the smooth operation of known cargo / SPX cargo operations. All of security seal products are available on short lead times and with bespoke customisation for your needs (for example, customer logos, barcoding/numbering, and other security features).    

Please contact us on 01829 760000 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements today.