The Border After Brexit: Sealing cargo with ISO17712 and HMRC Customs Accepted Security Seals

On 1 January 2021 a new customs border is created between the UK and the EU, and traders should ensure that they source ISO17712:2013 'H' compliant and HMRC customs accepted seals. 

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Securing your workplace against Covid 19

Our infection control range of warning tapes, low-tack infection control tapes, floor stickers, colour-coded ties and Covid 19 advisory posters help to communicate critical health and safety guidance to your customers, employees and visitors.

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New for 2020: Introducing the UNI520 Padlock security seals

The UNI520 is an all-in-one moulded security seal, suitable for use on medical cabinets, trolleys and kits.

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Making your mark! Choosing the correct print type for your security seals

Security seals can be marked in a number of different ways with a variety of print methods, incorporating company names, logos, sequential numbering and barcoding.  Most commonly, our production facilities use laser, thermal transfer or hot-stamp print methodologies, and each marking type brings its own advantages and disadvantages, and is suited to particular types of application. We explain more in this article.

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Universeal UK gains certification under HM Revenue & Customs Security Protocols

Following recent re-testing, we are pleased to announce the certification of three Universeal UK security seals for acceptance by HM Revenue & Customs as suitable Notice 205 customs seals. 

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Truly environmentally-friendly, biodegradable security seals

Universeal UK has this month begun trialling the incorporation of revolutionary new green, environmentally-friendly plastic technologies into our plastic security seals to mitigate against the environmental hazards of single-use plastics.

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Protect online sales with a security-sealed returns policy

Security seals are useful guarantee against items of clothing being worn once and then returned for a refund.

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Improving your carton, crate and pallet security with seals

Universeal UK supplies a wide range of specialist tamper-evident carton, crate and pallet security products which can give you an edge in the protection of your supply chain and delivery of product to your customers.

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Summer Shutdown

Thank you for visiting Universeal UK's website. Please note that Universeal UK is having an annual shutdown between 11th – 18th June, during which time we will have limited numbers of staff in our UK sales office. Production of orders will continue as normal during this time, but we advise you to please check stock levels and order in advance to avoid any disruption. 

Many thanks, Universeal UK Team.