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Valve Lockout / Tagout Safety

We supply a range of lockout devices for effective and safe lockout of many types of industrial valves, connectors, electrical boards, mechanical operatus and many more. Our products include car seals, plastic security seals, cable lockout devices, safety padlocks and hasps.

Industrial Tagging

Our range of identification ties, security seals, inspection tags and security tape provide versatile solutions to the issue of identification of industrial machinery & equipment - including tags warning of hazardous environments, or providing an audit of maintenance on safety-critical items, such as for the periodic inspection of safety equipment e.g. lifting equipment, safety nets etc.

Industrial Valves and Drums

Our products can prevent interference and unauthorised access to safety and business-critical industrial valves, regulators and chemical/oil drums. Our products come in many different colours, length, strength and print combinations – please contact us to discuss you requirements and for a bespoke quotation.

Containers & Heavy-Duty Sealing

Under international law, all shipping containers moved internationally must be sealed by an ISO17712 and CT-PAT approved security barrier seal, resistant to tampering. We pride ourselves in our tamper-resistant designs and constantly test all of our high-security products against these international standards

Industrial Spill Kits

Residue Labels and easy-break seals are suitable for use with all kind of spill kits, to discourage tampering and to act as an indication that contents might need to be restocked. To open a sealed kit will require user to break the seal or label, alerting you to fact that kit has been opened and may no longer be complete