High-Security Container Barrier Seals

Fleet & Trailer Security Seals

About Universeal UK LTD

Universeal UK Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of a full range of anti-tamper / tamper-evident security seals including: High Security Barrier Seals (Bolt and Cable Seals), Indicative Plastic Pull-through Security Seals, Anti-tamper Security Labels, Stickers and Tape, Metal Strip Seals, Meter / Wire Seals, Inspection Tags, Cable Ties and Printed Cable Ties / Printed Clinical Waste Bag Ties.

Universeal UK Ltd. is part of the worldwide Universeal Group of Companies. We combine to offer a comprehensive, competitive and innovative range of security seals and services for all sectors of industry and commerce.

Please note - Care should be taken when applying and removing all seals. Appropriate tools should be used (tin snips, bolt cutters, wire cutters). Gloves and eye protection should be worn.