Custom Printed Packaging Tapes

View Our Guide to Custom Packaging TapesUniverseal UK offers a comprehensive range of bespoke self-adhesive packaging tapes customised for your particular needs, produced and delivered to you from as little as one carton of 72 rolls. Self-adhesive tape has a wide variety of uses, including the sealing of packaging such as cardboard cartons / boxes in storage, logistics and despatch processes; for use as industrial warning tape, for example oil and gas pipeline identification marking; and for food-contact applications, such as product bundling. Self-adhesive tape is also be produced with tamper-evident security features for sealing of high-value or sensitive enclosures and cargos.

Tapes are available in a variety of popular base materials including PVC, polypropylene, paper and cloth options, produced in rolls for hand or machine application. We can turn your concepts into reality with a completely customised artwork design proof provided to you before production of your order, to ensure you are fully satisfied with your design. We can also advise you on bespoke configurations to suit your needs, offering a choice of carrier material, adhesive backing, tape widths, thickness and over-lamination to give you perfect performance for your application.




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Environmentally-friendly Adhesive Paper Packaging Tape

Environmentally-friendly, self-adhesive paper packaging tape customised with your design

Biodegradable Gummed Paper Tape (Water-activated)

Water-activated and 100% biodegradable, bespoke gummed paper tape

Custom-Printed PVC / Vinyl Packaging Tape

Fully-bespoke self-adhesive packaging tape, manufactured from high-quality PVC vinyl

Custom-Print Polypropylene Packaging Tape

Bespoke and cost-effective self-adhesive polypropylene packaging tape

Custom Pipeline Identification Tape

Laminated pipeline identification tape suitable for chemical, heating and oil & gas sectors

Customised UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Customised tamper-evident security tape for boxes, crates & pallets - tailored to your needs

UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident security tape with residue transfer and markings

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