Metal Strip Security Seals

Our metal strip security seals provide an affordable solution for many applications, particularly in the logistics and haulage sector. They are generally stronger than plastic indicative seals, having pulling strengths between 40 and 70 KgF depending on the model of seal, and require snips, cutters or similar to remove. Their narrow width means they are very effective when used in conjunction with TIR cables around curtain-sides of a trailer. Our Globe metal strip security seals have SSTA certification as an acceptable HMRC Group 3 customs seal, and available for quick despatch from our UK warehouse.

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Globe Metal Strip Seals

Secure protection to ISOPAS 17712 standard and accepted as a Group 3 HMRC customs seal

Premier Metal Strip Seals

Flat-type metal strip seal for sealing of trailers, wagons and rail cars

CTF Globe Seals

Channel Tunnel Freight approved security seal


Combined plastic / metal strip seal with high quality print flag

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