Eco-Friendly Security Seals

Our environmentally friendly security seals offer a more sustainable option when compared to traditional virgin plastic seals. We offer two types of sustainable products: our recycled-content seals and also biodegradable security seals.

Recycled seals contain a minimum of 30 percent recycled plastic, giving a new life to plastic previously produced for other uses, thereby contributing towards net zero and circular economy goals. We also produce security seals with biodegradable additive, greatly decreasing the time that plastic degrade into harmless, natural material when disposed of in landfill.

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TabLOCK Bio Security Seals

TabLOCK security seals with special biodegradable additive

UniStrap Bio Security Seals

UniStrap security seals with special biodegradable additive

UniTite Bio Security Seals

UniTite security seals with special biodegradable additive

DoubleLock Truck Seals

Enhanced truck & trailer security seal with twin-lock & protruding tail. Recycled plastic option.

UniFlag Big Tag Security Seals

Robust all-in-one seal with big tag for adhesive labels/ custom print. Recycled plastic option.

UniStrap 412 S/L/XL Security Seals

Strong, metal insert cash and postal bag security seal, in 3 lengths. Recycled plastic option.

UniStrap 412-Long Tear-Off Security Seals

Strong metal insert cash bag seal, tear-line for hand removal. 43cm length. Recycled plastic.

UniTite 413 Security Seals

Strong pull-up metal-insert seal with 3.7mm diameter tail and 490mm length. Recycled plastic options.

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