Security Envelopes, Bags & Pouches

Our security envelopes, pouches and bags are available in both single-use and re-useable variations. Single use security bags are manufactured in polythene, with platinum tamper-evident adhesive seal, printed with sequential numbering and with a tear-off receipt for control. Our re-usable secure mail bags and pouches are manufactured in durable PVC and incorporate a number of tamper-evident features to ensure the secure transportation of high-value or confidential contents. The use of tamper-evident seals to lock the zip ensures the integrity of the contents as well as well acting as a deterrent to unauthorised access.

Security bags have a wide range of uses, including as secure mailing bags (for the sending of sensitive or confidential documents, such as examination papers); cash deposit and transport bags (AKA cash-in-transit bags), evidence bags for police and forensic use, and many other applications. Secure, tamperproof bags and envelopes reduce the risk of transporting many types of valuables; for example, providing an additional layer of security as a courier security bag. They can also be used for controlled storage of personal possessions, for example, for event security or prisoner property.

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C5 / A5 Mail Security Envelopes (26x18cm)

A5 Single-Use Mail Security Envelopes with Tamper Seal

C4 / A4 Mail Security Envelopes (40x26cm)

A4 Single-Use Mail Security Envelopes with Tamper Seal

C3 / A3 Mail Security Envelopes (48x40cm)

A3 Single-Use Mail Security envelopes with tamper seal

Custom One-Use Tamper-evident Security Bags

Standard & Custom One-Use Polybags with Tamper Seal

Re-usable & Tamper-evident Secure Cash Bags

Tamper-proof & secure currency transportation ('cash-in-transit')

Flat Security Mail Pouch (Long-edge zip)

Secure mailing pouch for sensitive document transportation

Flat Security Mail Pouch (Short Edge Zip)

Low-cost secure mailing for smaller mail items and documents

Security Mailing Pouches with Full Gusset

Secure mailing pouches for bulkier documents, with full-gusset

Security Mailing Pouches with Bottom Gusset

Secure mailing pouches for heavy documents, with bottom gusset

Tamper-evident Security Holdalls

A secure transport holdall solution for large, bulkier items

Universeal Button Seals for Security Pouches

Button seals for securing cash bags & mailing pouches

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