Security Packaging

Security packaging is a broad category of tamper-evident and protective packaging which can assist organisations in ensuring the safe transport of goods and cargo in transit. Our specialist packaging products protect against many types of risks when transporting goods, including water ingress, shock protection, and more.

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RecycloSeal Security Bags - 80% Recycled-Content

80% post-consumer recycled plastic content security bags

C5 / A5 Mail Security Envelopes (26x18cm)

A5 Single-Use Mail Security Envelopes with Tamper Seal

C4 / A4 Mail Security Envelopes (40x26cm)

A4 Single-Use Mail Security Envelopes with Tamper Seal

C3 / A3 Mail Security Envelopes (48x40cm)

A3 Single-Use Mail Security envelopes with tamper seal

Customised Tamper-evident Security Bags

Fully customised single-trip security bags for secure transport of confidential items. 100% recyclable material.

Re-usable & Tamper-evident Secure Cash Bags

Tamper-proof and secure currency transportation ('cash-in-transit money bags')

Re-usable & Secure Key Wallets

Secure key wallets for access & control in keyholding applications

Re-usable Internal Mail Pouches

Colour-coded, internal mail pouches for movements and handling

Flat Security Mail Pouch (Long-edge zip)

Secure mailing pouch for sensitive document transportation. Closure across long edge.

Flat Security Mail Pouch (Short-edge zip)

Low-cost secure mailing for smaller mail items and documents. Zip closure across short edge.

Security Mailing Pouches with Full Gusset

Secure mailing pouches for bulkier documents, with full-gusset

Security Mailing Pouches with Bottom Gusset

Secure mailing pouches for heavy documents, with bottom gusset

Tamper-evident Security Holdalls

A secure transport holdall solution for large, bulkier items

Universeal Button Seals for Security Pouches

Button seals for securing cash bags & mailing pouches

Medical Pharmacy Bags

Padded & tamper-evident pharmacy bags for transport of controlled drugs. Available with/without handles.

SecureLab CHILL - Insulated Medical Carrier

UN3373 rugged and insulated medical carrier for laboratory specimen transport

Secure Cytotoxic Drug Bags

Secure cytotoxic bags for the controlled handling of toxic or dangerous drugs

Customised UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Customised tamper-evident security tape for boxes, crates & pallets - tailored to your needs

Custom-Printed PVC / Vinyl Packaging Tape

Fully-bespoke self-adhesive packaging tape, manufactured from high-quality PVC vinyl

Numbered UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident residue security tape, numbered in perforated strips

Plain UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Plain, economy packaging security tape with residue transfer.

UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident security tape with residue transfer and markings

UniLabel - Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label with residue transfer

UniLabel - Easy-Break, No Residue Security Labels

No-residue void security label, with easy-break security scores

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