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Secure Cash Movement

We supply a range of secure single-use (polythene) and multi-use (PVC-coated polyester) cash bags, mailing pouches and envelopes which assist businesses securely manage the secure movement of cash, valuables and sensitive documents.

Intermodal - Truck, Trailer and Rail Security

Our complete range of fixed-length and pull-through plastic and metal indicative security seals provides you with an ideal sealing and identification solution for all truck and trailer applications: sealing of trailers doors, curtain siders, pallets, railcars, bulk tankers and more. We can customise our seals with bespoke print, numbering, bar-coding and much more.

Garment Storage & Retail

We supply the specialised coat-hanger seal, perfect for securing valuable assets in the fashion logistics industry. The seal effectively separates clothing in transit, preventing bunching and ensuring that seals arrive in perfect condition. The seal is available in multiple sizes to suit particular requirements. We also supply GarmentShield anti-wardobing tags, to prevent customers unfairly returning clothes and other items which have already been worn.