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Food & Drink

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Drinks Kegs, Produce Sacks, Food Box Seals

Our range of security labels and security seals provide security and identification for drinks kegs, produce or grain sacks, pallets and more. In particular, our DeliverSafe labels are suitable for application on food delivery and takeaway boxes and bags, ensuring food arrives with the customer unopened.

All-purpose Transport Security Seals

Our indicative plastic seals and heavy-duty metal seals provide serious security for cargo movements on all kinds of transport, including for use on truck & lorries, railcars, cargo crates, and shipping containers. We can customise our seals with bespoke print, numbering, bar-coding and much more.

Metal-detectable Ties and Metal Strip Seals

Metal-detectable cables ties are manufactured with the inclusion of a metallic additive, dispersed evenly throughout the product, enabling metal detection of even small parts of cable ties. This ensures that product can be scanned to check for plastic parts which may have inadvertently found their way into the manufacturing process.