Intermodal & High-Security Cable Seals

Flexible, tamperproof, user-friendly and customisable; our cable security seals are available with metal or plastic bodies, a range of cable diameters from 1.5 to 5mm, and customised lengths to suit any application. From security bags to shipping containers, whatever your needs, we have a FlexiGrip cable seal perfect for the job.

For high-security shipping applications, our Flexigrip 325M, 350M and 500M seals are ISO17712 and C-TPAT compliant for international shipping movements – including approval for US customs entry (copies of ISO17712 certification available on request). We supply sequentially numbered cable seals from UK stocks in a range of colours, diameters and lengths, as well as customised cable seals.

Plastic Flexigrip 100S Seal

Affordable and light-weight plastic cable seal for increased security

Plastic Flexigrip 150S Seal

Medium-duty plastic cable seal, with encapsulated markings

Plastic/Metal Flexigrip 100ZP

Lightweight cable seal with metal inner body and ABS coating

Plastic/Metal Flexigrip 180ZP

High performance, strong cable ISO17712 security seal

Flexigrip 150M Cable Seals

Light-weight cable seal, all metal construction

Flexigrip 250M Cable Seals

Mid-range, robust cable seal with multi-purpose application

Flexigrip 325M Cable Seals

High-security cable seal for ISO 17712 / CT-PAT movements

Flexigrip 350M Cable Seals

High-security cable seal, suitable for ISO17712 / CTPAT movements

Flexigrip 500M Cable Seals

Our strongest cable seal, with 5mm diameter cable, 2035kgf strength

Flexi 500MD Double Lock

Our strongest cable seal, with double-locking arrangement

Plastic Flexigrip 500S Seals

Heavy-duty plastic cable seal with 5mm diameter cable

Medium-duty Cable Cutters

Cutters for Flexigrip Cable Seals