ISO17712 Metal Cable Seals (Security & High-Security)

Cable Seals are strong, flexible tamper security seals used for sealing of trailer doors, shipping containers, air cargo containers, railcars & more. Their metal wire cable construction provides increased robustness over indicative plastic seals.  Metal cable seals are removed with cutting tools - they are therefore known as "barrier seals" which delay intrusion into sealed containers, providing a "barrier" to entry. View our guide to cable seals here.

With both ISO17712 'Security' and 'High-Security' classification designs, our Flexigrip cable seals are accepted by customs agencies worldwide, including for sealing cargos transiting the customs border created between the UK and EU post-Brexit. The Flexigrip 150M cable seal is certified by the Security Seal Testing Authority (SSTA) as an accepted HMRC customs seal, and for international shipping containers sent by sea freight, our Flexigrip 325MFlexigrip 500M seals are ISO17712 'H' High Security Classification and C-TPAT compliant - suitable for US customs entry. Copies of ISO17712 certifications available upon request.

Flexible, tamperproof and user-friendly, our Flexigrip cable seals are available in many configurations, including metal or plastic bodies; cable diameters from 1.5mm upto 5mm; upto 12 available colour shades, standard and custom-length cable lengths; and standard numbered stock or bespoke options with your logo, marking, barcoding or number ranges.

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Plastic Flexigrip 100S Seal

Affordable and light-weight plastic 1.5mm cable seal for increased security

Plastic Flexigrip 150S Seal

Medium-duty plastic 1.5mm cable seal, with encapsulated markings

Plastic/Metal Flexigrip 100ZP

Lightweight 1.5mm cable seal with metal inner body and ABS coating

Plastic/Metal Flexigrip 180ZP

High performance, strong 1.8mm cable ISO17712 security seal

Flexigrip 150M Cable Seals

Light-weight metal construction 1.5mm cable seal, accepted as Group 2 HMRC Customs seal

Flexigrip 250M Cable Seals

Mid-range 2.5mm cable seal for multi-purpose applications. ISO17712:2013 'S' Security seal.

Flexigrip 325M Cable Seals

3.25mm diameter cable seal, ISO17712 'H' High-Security & C-TPAT compliant for customs sealing

Flexigrip 350M Cable Seals

3.5mm diameter cable seal, suitable for ISO17712 High-Security / CTPAT movements

Flexigrip 500M Cable Seals

Our strongest cable seal with 5mm diameter cable. ISO17712:2013 'H' High Security Seal.

Flexi 500MD Double Lock

Our strongest 5mm cable seal, with double-locking arrangement

Plastic Flexigrip 500S Seals

Heavy-duty plastic 5mm cable seal with 5mm diameter cable

Medium-duty Cable Cutters

High Tensile Cable Cutters, suitable for Flexigrip Cable Seals. 14inch / 355mm length.

StrapSecure Pallet Seal

Innovative seal for increased security of pallets in transit

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