Valve Lockout

Valve lockout devices secure the handle of different types of valves, preventing actuation of equipment. Such lockout capability is crucial for the safe inspection and maintenance operations in all industrial settings. Cable lockout products are suitable for lockout of traditional valves as well as complicated / group apparatus - available in standard and custom lengths. We also offer products designed for particular configurations - including quarter-turn ball valves, 3,4,5-way valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves. We also offer 1m length aluminium / steel car seals for single-use lockout of safety valves.

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CB01 Cable Lockout

Valve lockout device with 4mm or 6mm cable

CB03 Cable Lockout

Cable valve lockout device with 4mm diameter insulated wire

Clamshell Gate Valve Lockouts

Clamshell lockout for gate valves, available in 6 sizes

FL250M x 600mm Car Seal

Flexible 60cm car seal for valve lockout

FL325M x 1 metre Car Seal (Green)

Green 'open' car seal with 1m length cable for valve lockout

FL325M x 1 metre Car Seal (Red)

Red 'closed' car seal with 1m length cable for valve lockout

Ball Valve Lockout

Simple to use ball valve lockout device, available in two sizes

Universal Valve Lockouts

For lockout of gate, butterfly, quarter-turn & 3, 4, 5-way valves

6mm Flag Ferrules

Flag sealing ferrules, plain or with customised 2-character marking. Suitable for MOCOPA use.

Sealing Ferrules and Wire

Cylindrical ferrules & galvanised wire for sealing meters. Suitable for MOCOPA use.

UNI414 Security Seals

Pull-through metal-insert seal with 2mm tail, available in two sizes

Valve Lockout Connectors

Ideal lockout solution for industrial valves and connectors

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