Meter, Utility and Wire Security Seals

Our range of wire security seals are the most suitable seal for meter security – for use with electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and many other industrial meter applications. We supply many types – including our ferrules, flag ferrules, lead seals, plastic meter seals, Twister seals and anchor seals – each with their own unique benefits and uses in particular applications. Our connection locks can also be used in conjunction with our meter seals to prevent access to safety-critical valves and connectors. We also supply a range of suitable sealing wire, including galvanised, stainless steel, copper and PVC-coated types, as well as sealing pliers for use with lead seals.

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Sealing Ferrules

Cylindrical ferrules, for use with galvanised wire for sealing meters. Suitable for MOCOPA use.

12mm Ferrules with sealing wire (Combined Packs of 100)

Combined Packs of 12mm sealing ferrules with 15cm pre-cut sealing wire

6mm Flag Ferrules

Flag sealing ferrules, plain or with customised 2-character marking. Suitable for MOCOPA use.

Sealing Wire (Pre-cut Lengths)

Sealing wire in range of pre-cut lengths to suit your application

MOCOPA Ferrule Sealing Pliers

Custom ferrule pliers for sealing of electricity meters (available to MOCOPA signatories)

Plain Ferrule Sealing Pliers

Plain ferrule pliers for sealing of electricity meters

Lead Seals

Multi-purpose lead seals used in conjunction with sealing wire for industrial applications

Plastic Meter Seals

Plastic meter seals, an alternative to lead seals

Sealing Wire (Reel Format)

Sealing wire for use with meter and wire seals, reel format.

Lead Seal Sealing Pliers

For use in conjunction with lead seals or plastic meter seals to secure sealing wire

Twister Security Meter Seal

Tamper-evident meter seal for using with sealing wire, suitable for OAMI applications

UNI110 White Face Twister Seal

Tamper-evident meter security seal with oversized white face for wide format barcoding

UNI120 Anchor Security Seal

Polycarbonate security seal, alternative to traditional lead seals

UNI125 Anchor Security Seal

Anchor seal with additional security features and pre-assembled sealing wire

MiniLock 570 Security Seals

Miniature pull-through security seal for small applications e.g. utility meters & terminal covers

N, L & L1-L3 Electrical Cable Ties

Printed electrical cable ties for identification of live and neutral wire cables

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