Clinical, Hospital & Laboratory

Clinical, Hospital & Laboratory

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Printed Clinical Waste Bags, Bag Ties and Tape

Universeal UK is the major supplier of clinical waste sealing solutions to the healthcare sector. We supply printed clinical waste ties, waste tags and seals to suit your particular requirements, available with and without printing.

Crash Trolleys, Cabinets, First Aid Box Security Seals

Our indicative plastic seals demonstrate whether sealed enclosures have been opened and therefore require replenishing, disposal or disinfecting – they can be customised to suit particular requirements, for example with ward names, numbering, bar-coding etc.

Laboratory, Surgical, General Medical Tags and Tape

Our range of re-usable medical transport security bags, personal effects pouches and envelopes and single-use security polythene bags are suitable for many different applications within clinical and patient environments.

Surgical & Sterilisation Locking Tags

We supply padlock seal locking tags and autoclave bags which can assist in the sterilisation of surgical instruments, associated equipment and sterilisation trays.