Lockout Safety

Valve Lockout

Valve lockout devices secure the handle of different types of valves, preventing actuation of equipment. Such lockout capability is crucial for the safe inspection and maintenance operations in all industrial settings. Cable lockout products are suitable for lockout of traditional valves as well as complicated / group apparatus - available in standard and custom lengths. We also offer products designed for particular configurations - including quarter-turn ball valves, 3,4,5-way valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves. We also offer 1m length aluminium / steel car seals for single-use lockout of safety valves.

Car Seals

Universeal Flexigrip car seals for lockout of valves are strong, single-use security devices which effectively lock safety valves in place. Car seals perform well as single-use lockout devices to seal a valve in the open or closed position, typically for long durations - for example, to permanently secure a sprinkler system valve. We hold a variety of 2.5mm, 3.25mm and 5mm diameter car seals in UK stocks, with long cable lengths for lockout of valves in large-scale operatus. We also supply more lightweight, indicative plastic security seals for locking valves in position.

The use of car seals to properly secure safety valves assists in ensuring your company meets their responsibilities under national occupational safety legislation, such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER Regs). View our guide to car seals for valve lockout for more info.

Safety Padlocks

Safety Lockout Padlocks are an integral part of safety, audit and control of valves, pipes, access points and many more applications in the chemical, electrical and automotive industries, available in steel and nylon hasps, and many colour options.

Lockout Hasps

Lockout Hasps allow for the safe isolation of switches and valves by multiple users - hasp can only be opened once all lockout positions are cleared. Hasps are used in conjunction with seals or padlocks for effective lockout to ensure removal of device only with full authorisation of organisation, once maintenance has been undertaken.

Lockout Tags

We hold a range of Do Not Operate Tags for lockout applications, providing name, department and date fields for completion by authorised users. Bespoke tags available upon request.

Lockout Kits & Stations

Lockout kits provide a convenient way for operatives to access or carry a range of popular lockout devices, such as safety padocks, lockout hasps, clamshell lockouts and cable valve lockouts. This enables engineers to always have the right tools at their disposal to effectively and safely lockout devices as required. Kits come in various configurations - please contact us for more information about all ranges available.

Electrical Lockout

Electrical lockout devices effectively lockout all forms of electrical energy, including switchboard / circuit breakers, mains AC adaptors/plugs, electrical switches and more.

Barrier Warning Tapes

We offer customised identification & warning tapes for hazardous pipelines, electrical cabling etc, as well as barrier tape hazardous workings areas. Fully customiseable tapes in various roll widths and print options.