Plastic Pull-through Security Seals

Plastic pull-through / pull-tight security seals (referred to variously as anti-tamper, tamper-evident & tamperproof tags and seals) provide cost-effective protection and security against unauthorised tampering of sealed enclosures. The tail of the seal 'pulls through' the locking chamber and 'pulls tight' around the enclosures being sealed. They are particularly suited to seal the neck of cash, mail or waste sacks where it is important to form a tight seal to reduce the ability to interfere with bag contents. Pull-tight seals are by their nature low- or medium-strength "indicative" seals; a broken or tampered seal can 'indicate' that your supply chain has been breached, and that the chain of custody of items (such as commercial cargo sealed in trucks, trailers and containers) has been broken. Please note, that for stronger seals which delay intrusion physically, please see our metal cable barrier seals.

Pull-through anti tamper seals are available in many different pull strengths & configurations, including all-in-one moulded seals, metal insert seals, tear-line and easy-break security seals. They can suit lightweight applications such as fire extinguishers, first aid boxes and crates; all the way up to sealing truck and trailer doors, oil tankers and air cargo... whatever the application, Universeal has the right tamper-evident seal to suit the application. We supply many of our tamper seals from stock sequentially numbered in popular colours, or custom printed with company logo, barcoding or bespoke numbering on short lead times.

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Tracewaste Security Seals

Cost-effective plastic pull through tamper-evident security seal, manufactured in the UK

Tracewaste Tear-Off Security Seals

Our Tracewaste seal with tear-line for easy removal by hand without tools

TabLock Security Seals

Low-cost all-in-one pull-through security seal in two lengths

UniFlag Big Tag Security Seals

Robust all-in-one seal with big tag for adhesive labels/ custom print. Recycled plastic option.

Fire Seal Equipment Tamper Security Seals

Anti Tamper Fire Extinguisher Seals For One-Use Equipment Inspection

Garelock Security Seals

Strong pull through security seal available with short and extra-long tail lengths

SecureLock Smooth Tail Security Seals

High quality pull-through smooth tail seal with aesthetic laser-printed finish on black surround

SecureLock Easy-Tear Security Seals

High quality pull-through seal with high contrast flag marking. Tear-line for removal by hand.

Securelock Ridged Tail Security Seals

Small nylon pull-through security seals with ridged tail, resistant to cold-weather upto -40°C

UniStrap 412 S/L/XL Security Seals

Strong, metal insert cash and postal bag security seal, in 3 lengths. Recycled plastic option.

UniStrap 412-Long Tear-Off Security Seals

Strong metal insert cash bag seal, tear-line for hand removal. 43cm length. Recycled plastic.

UniStrap 412-XL (Extra-Long) Security Seals

Extra-long strong cash & mail bag security seal. 51cm overall length. Recycled plastic content.

UniStrap 415 Security Seals

Metal insert cash bag seal, with tear-off and label-holder option

UniTite 411 Security Seals

Strong pull-through metal-insert security seal with 3.7mm diameter tail, available in two lengths.

UniTite 413 Security Seals

Strong pull-up metal-insert seal with 3.7mm diameter tail and 490mm length. Recycled plastic options.

UniTite 414 Security Seals

Pull-through metal-insert seal with 2mm tail, available in two sizes

UNI416 Security Seals

Versatile pull-through security seal with 2mm tail available in 3 lengths

UNI540 Security Seals

Small seal with tear-line for removal by hand. Optional nylon model for increased strength.

MiniLock 570 Security Seals

Miniature pull-through security seal for small applications e.g. utility meters & terminal covers

Securelock Smooth Tail (385mm)

High-quality smooth tail pull-through seal in long version (overall 385mm length)

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