Plastic Pull-through Security Seals

Plastic pull-through security seals (AKA "anti-tamper", "tamper-evident" or "tamperproof" seals) provide protection against unauthorised tampering of sealed enclosures. The tail of the seal 'pulls through' the locking chamber and 'pulls tight' around the enclosure; especially for sealing the neck of cash, mail or waste sacks to prevent interference. Pull-tight seals are by their nature lower strength "indicative" seals (as opposed to barrier seals which delay intrusion). A tampered indicative seal can 'indicate' interference in your supply chain, allowing you to take action.

Indicative seals suit applications such as fire extinguishers, first aid boxes and crates; all the way up to securing commercial cargo sealed behind truck and trailer doors, oil tankers and air cargo... whatever the application, Universeal has the right tamper-evident seal to suit the application. Our anti tamper seals are available in many different pull strengths & configurations, including all-in-one moulded seals, metal insert seals, tear-line and easy-break security seals.  We supply many of our tamper seals from stock sequentially numbered in popular colours, or custom printed with logos, barcoding or bespoke numbering.

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