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 Intermediate Bulk Containers and Tanker Valve Seals

Our heavy-duty plastic and metal security seals provide high break strengths for affixing onto IBC’s, tanker or other liquid container valves. We can produce our Flexigrip cable seals in custom lengths to suit your particular requirements.

Small Industrial Valves and Meter Security Seals

Our small light-weight plastic seals, light-weight cable seals, wire security seals and connection locks offer flexible and bespoke solutions when sealing industrial meters, valves and connection joints. We print customisable information on our products, ensuring that important safety or usage information is conveyed to users of valves.

Chemical & Oil Drums and Associated Equipment

Sealing and identification of dangerous and/or high-value liquid drums is crucial to many enterprises. Our range of products are robust, hard- wearing and can be used in harsh, high UV-environments. Our range of cable seals range from 1.5m to 5mm in diameter, ensuring that we will have a suitable strength product to suit your application.

Gas Cylinder Sealing and Security

Our larger security seals are ideal for tagging gas cylinders, for example to inform users which cylinders are full, empty, require inspection and so on. Our Uniflag seal features a large flag end which clearly indicates criticial information to users.