Ties, Tags and Tapes

Universeal UK offers a comprehensive range of asset and inspection ID ties, tags, and labels designed to provide effective identification and organisation solutions across various industries. Our high-quality products are trusted by businesses worldwide for their durability, versatility, and ease of use. Whether you need to label products, manage inventory, track assets, or enhance security, our ID ties, tags, and security asset labels are the ideal choice.

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Clinical Waste Cable Ties

Clinical waste cable bag ties printed to your specification

200x4.8mm Printed Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties printed to your specification. 200mm length.

300x4.8mm Printed Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties printed to your specification. 300mm length.

370x4.8mm Printed Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties printed to your specification. Extra-long 370mm length.

Tab Tie 200mm

Versatile identification tie, used across waste and industrial sectors

Tab Tie 300mm

Long 30cm versatile identification tie for waste and mail sacks

Marker Inspection Ties

Nylon marker ties for inspection tagging in lifting industry

Plain Cable Ties

Full range of plain cable ties

Miniature Cable Ties (2.5mm width)

Ideal cable & wire bundling ties

Intermediate Cable Ties (3.6mm width)

Ideal cable & wire bundling ties

Standard Cable Ties (4.8mm width)

Most popular and versatile 4.8mm width cable tie

Medium-Duty Ties (7.6mm width)

High-pull strength cable ties

Heavy-Duty Cable Ties (9mm width)

Heavy-duty cable ties

Extra Heavy-Duty Ties (12.7mm width)

Our most heavy-duty ties

Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Detectable, food-safe cable ties for food & pharmaceutical sectors

Marker Cable Ties

Marker ties provide neat identification for wire bundles

Releasable Cable Ties

Reusable cable ties with quick release tab for re-deployment and re-use

Stainless Steel Metal Cable Ties

Stainless Steel metal cable ties resistant to extreme temperature & abrasive chemicals

Metal Detectable Tracewaste Security Seals

Food-contact safe & metal detectable security seal for food & pharmaceutical sectors

Detectable Trace Tags

Detectable loop tags for batch traceability

Detectable ID Tags

Colour-coded detectable ID tags for factory identification

Rubberised InspectaTag - Periodic Inspection Tags

Rubberised periodic equipment inspection tag for lifting gear, slings and other safety equipment

InspectaFlag - Periodic Inspection Tags

Small inspection tag for tagging of all manner of industrial equipment

'Next Inspection Due' Cable Ties

Cable Ties custom-printed with date of next inspection

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