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Cash Transportation – Secure Cash Bags & Security Seals

Our range of tamper-evident 'cash seals' or 'cash-in-transit security seals', as well as our secure cash bags, are resistant to attempts to gain unauthorised access into sealed cash bags, ATM cash cassettes and other cash-in-transit enclosures, such as roll cages or trolleys used for cash operations.

Cash Bag Seals & Diplomatic Mail Sack Seals

Our range of security bags seals are designed with your application in mind; with design features such as gripping teeth, large flags for printed information, high-level of customisation, metal inserts for high tamper- resistance, and for even greater security, double-locking mechanisms to achieve highest possible level of tamper-resistance.

Election Equipment

Our security seals can be used to assist in the integrity of the election process, reducing the risk of tampering or fraud. Our full range of products, including security seals, labels, tape and single-use polythene bags provide a sophisticated, multifaceted approach to security and deterrence.

IT and Electronic Equipment Security and Auditing

Our full range of produce combine to provide bespoke, flexible solutions to particular requirements within the information technology and data management fields. Our products can identify particular fixed and movable equipment, aid in the assessment of warranty validity, and indicate whether equipment has been tampered with.