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Tracewaste Security Seals

Cost-effective plastic pull through tamper-evident security seal, manufactured in the UK

Tracewaste Tear-Off Security Seals

Our Tracewaste seal with tear-line for easy removal by hand without tools

TabLock Security Seals

Low-cost all-in-one pull-through security seal in two lengths

UniFlag Big Tag Security Seals

Our robust all-in-one seal featuring big tag for affixing adhesive labels or bespoke prints

Fire Seal / one-use equipment seal

Fire extinguisher seal, also used as single-use equipment inspection seal

Garelock Security Seals

Strong pull through security seal available with short and extra-long tail lengths

SecureLock Smooth Tail Seals

High quality pull-through smooth tail seal with aesthetic laser-printed finish on black surround

Securelock Ridged Tail Seals

Small nylon pull-through security seals with ridged tail, resistant to cold-weather upto -40°C

UNI411 Security Seals

Strong pull-through metal-insert security seal with 3.7mm diameter tail, available in two lengths

UNI412 Security Seals

Strong, metal insert cash and postal bag security seal, available in three sizes

UNI412 Extra-Long Security Seals

Extra-long & strong metal insert cash and mail bag security seal. 51cm overall length.

UNI413 Security Seals

Strong pull-through metal-insert seal with 3.7mm diameter tail and 490mm overall length

UNI414 Security Seals

Pull-through metal-insert seal with 2mm tail, available in two sizes

UNI415 Security Seals

Metal insert cash bag seal, with tear-off and label-holder option

UNI416 Security Seals

Versatile pull-through security seal with 2mm tail available in 3 lengths

UNI540 Security Seals

Small seal with tear-line for removal by hand. Optional nylon model for increased strength.

UNI570 Security Seals

Miniature 190mm pull-through nylon security seal for small applications such as utility meters

Securelock Smooth Tail (385mm)

High-quality smooth tail pull-through seal in long version (overall 385mm length)

DoubleLock Truck Seals

Enhanced truck & trailer security seal with twin-lock & protruding tail

Fleetlock Ring Security Seal

Security seal with paddle end, designed for trucks and trailers

Unifreight Ring Security Seals

Multipurpose truck and trailer seal


Combined plastic / metal strip seal with high quality print flag

UNI560-Long Ring Seals

Long Trailer seal with paddle end

UNI560-Short Ring Seals

Short Trailer seal with paddle end

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