Security Seals

Plastic Pull-thru Security Seals

Plastic security seals, sometimes also known as "tamper-evident" or "tamperproof" tags and ties, provide protection against unauthorised interference with secured items. Our comprehensive range of plastic pull-through / pull-tight indicative security seals provide low cost solutions for a wide variety of security and tamper-evident sealing applications. They are available in many different shapes and sizes from light duty fire-extinguisher and first aid box seals to robust trailer door seals, Universeal has the right tamper-evident security product to fit your application. We supply many of our plastic security seals from stock, numbered in a range of colours. We can also customise the majority of our products with a quick delivery time. 

Plastic Fixed Length Seals

Our range of plastic fixed-length security seals or ring seals are ideal for a range of transport operations - including road, rail and many other applications spanning across industry. These types of seals are called ring seals due to the fixed loop they form when secured. They are also called truck seals, their main application being as a security seal on a truck's locking hasps or curtain sides buckles. Our ring seals are designed to be easily applied and removed without the need for tools - most fixed length seals are designed to break by hand with a sharp tug. We stockhold most products for a fast lead time, and can also offer customisation as required.

Security Padlock Seals

Padlock security seals provide identification and tamper-evidence for many smaller applications, including key cabinets, airline trolleys, first aid kits and more. Their small and light-weight design, coupled for easy and quick application, makes them ideal for confined spaces such as cabinets and trolleys. Padlock seals seals range from very strong metal hasp designs which require a cutting tool to reomve, to easy-break Uniflex D padlock seals which can be easily removed from emergency kits/ medical cases for quick access.

Our Unipad S padlock seal is particularly suited as a key tag for use with key cabinets, which control access to keys in many industries, including car dealerships, construction sites, and property agencies. A key and a retention peg can be threaded through the metal hasp of the padlock seal, and securely sealed. This allows for secure key tracking - each key's retention peg is placed in a key cabinet, and can only be removed with a user's own identification peg.

High-Security Container Bolt Seals

Our high security Locktainer container bolt seals are the ideal barrier seal for the secure transportation of shipping containers, trucks and trailers. Our bolt seals are fully ISO17712 and CT-PAT compliant, offering the highest level of protection for your cargo throughout the world. Our barrier seals are regularly re-tested to ensure continued compliance with ISO17712 certification standards. Our bolt seals are accepted by UK, US and EEC custom authorities, as well as being the only approved seal for EuroTunnel freight. We supply sequentially numbered bolt seals from stock, as well as customised bolt seals.

Intermodal & High-Security Cable Seals

Flexible, tamperproof, user-friendly and customisable; our cable security seals are available with metal or plastic bodies, a range of cable diameters from 1.5 to 5mm, and customised lengths to suit any application. From security bags to shipping containers, whatever your needs, we have a FlexiGrip cable seal perfect for the job.

For high-security shipping applications, our Flexigrip 325M, 350M and 500M seals are ISO17712 and C-TPAT compliant for international shipping movements – including approval for US customs entry (copies of ISO17712 certification available on request). We supply sequentially numbered cable seals from UK stocks in a range of colours, diameters and lengths, as well as customised cable seals.

Metal Strip Security Seals

Our metal strip security seals provide an affordable solution for many applications, particularly in the haulage industry. They are generally stronger than most plastic indicative seals, having pulling strengths between 40 and 70 KgF depending on the model of seal, and require snips, cutters or similar to remove. Their narrow width means they are very effective when used in conjunction with TIR cables around curtain-sides of a trailer.

Meter, Utility and Wire Seals

Our range of wire security seals are the most suitable seal for meter security – for use with electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and many other industrial meter applications. We supply many types – including our ferrules, flag ferrules, lead seals, plastic meter seals, Twister seals and anchor seals – each with their own unique benefits and uses in particular applications. Our connection locks can also be used in conjunction with our meter seals to prevent access to safety-critical valves and connectors. We also supply a range of suitable sealing wire, including galvanised, stainless steel, copper and PVC-coated types, as well as sealing pliers for use with lead seals.

Clinical Waste Ties & Hospital Seals

With over 20 years’ experience supplying to the NHS and private hospital sector Universeal UK is the major supplier of clinical waste sealing solutions to the healthcare sector. We supply printed clinical waste ties, waste tags and seals to suit your particular requirements. Our hospital identification ties and security seals can be customised with hospital/ward names, telephone numbers, postcodes and white write on surfaces.  With large print and warehousing facilities, customised stocks can be held and despatched quickly for call off orders - please call us to discuss your preferred arrangements.

Security Tape & Security Labels

Security labels, security stickers and security tapes prevent unauthorised users from tampering with a sealed item without the knowledge of the user. They can be used for many different types of surface application for identification and tamper-evidence. Different types of security labels are available:-

  • Residue: leaves a VOID print residue upon the surface being sealed as well as defacing the security label itself;
  • Non-Residue: causes delamination of the security label itself only, leaving the surface being sealed unmarked;
  • Destructible: any attempt to remove the security label will cause cracking and erosion, making tamper attempts obvious.

Our security tape is available in residue & non-residue options, with/without security marking, as well as optional security numbering and perforations, for high degree of tamper-evidence. As well as our stock items (available quickly and in many standard sizes), we are also able to offer completely bespoke security labels, stickers or security tape, produced to your size, specification, marking etc.

Electronic Security Seals

Electronic security seals are a re-useable, sophisticated solution for securely sealing and tracing assets and shipments around the world. These seals range from simple devices which generate random, unique identification numbers, to GPS-enabled and RFID-readable devices which can establish an audit trail of where and when seals were deployed, and to whom legitimate access is granted.