Custom Pipeline Identification Tape

SKU: Product Code: UVTPID
Manufacturer part number: UVTPID
Products specifications
Applications Identification for pipelines - direction of flow, outlets and hazards in chemical, oil & gas, heating and ventilation sectors
Product Size Guide Standard 36, 48 & 72mm widths - up to 150mm widths available.
Material PVC + Solvent. Over-laminated.
Customisation Options Upto 4 colour print, including flood coat option for choice of tape colour. Customisation with logos, artwork, illustrations etc.

Laminated pipeline identification tape suitable for chemical, heating and oil & gas sectors

Pipeline identification tape is a specialist laminated tape designed to be applied on pipework in many sectors, including for oil & gas and heating applications. Pipeline ID tape's laminated surface provides protection against all weathers (suitable for outdoor use) and against corrosion from chemicals, cleaning agents or abrasion. It can also be manufactured with colourfast inks for even greater durability. Pipeline tape is particularly useful for identifying information such as direction of flow, chemical type, location of valves, dangerous outlets and other hazards.

Pipeline ID tape is manufactured with solvent adhesive for excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and is suitable for application across many temperature ranges for indoor and outdoor use. Can be supplied with perforations for easy application. 

  • Compliant under BS1710 & BS4800 standards
  • Laminated for durability, including outdoor application


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