Products by Applications

Accepted Customs & Trader Sealing

Range of ISO17712 'H' High-Security Seals, C-TPAT-approved and HMRC Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 Customs Accepted Seals


Our range of security seals suit a wide range of applications in the airline and airport sectors.

Asset Identification & Inspection

Our products can provide assist in the tracking, security and inspection of many differents kind of assets, moveables, safety-critical equipment and more.

Clinical, Hospital & Laboratory

We are the premier supplier to NHS Trusts throughout the UK, having supplied the NHS and a range of private health organisations for over 25 years.

Food & Drink

In the fast-moving food and drink industry, efficient and secure supply chains are crucial; our products can help.

Government and Finance

We work with some of the largest government and finance organisations in the world, having developed custom-engineered security products for years.

Law Enforcement

Our range of security seals, bags, labels and tape often flexible solutions to securing crime scenes, forensic evidence, and crisis management situations.

Logistics, Warehousing & Storage

Our range of security seals offer ISO17712 & CT-PAT compliant solutions to securing assets in shipping, air and road freight. 

Manufacturing & Industrial

We supply products ranging from light-weight security labels to heavy-duty cable seals which can be used to secure and safeguard in many situations.


We supply to some of the largest retail chains and brands in the UK, helping our customers to secure their supply chains and drive efficiency.


Our security seals can prevent unauthorised access to industrial valves, intermediate bulk containers and chemical / oil drums.


Our light-weight wire security seals are ideal for sealing small meters and valves and other confined area applications where space is at a premium.

Waste and Document Management / Disposal

Our security seals and ties are ideal for the securing of waste sacks, shredding consoles, storage boxes and many more.