N, L & L1-L3 Electrical Cable Ties

SKU: Product Code: UVZIP-20048
Manufacturer part number: UVZIP-20048
Products specifications
Colour Available options: Electrical meter, fuse box and other electrical installations in residential and industrial sectors, Blue, Brown
Product Size Guide Standard 200x4.8mm size
Material Nylon 66
Stock Marking Repeating N, L, L1, L2 or L3 markings
Download Spec Sheet /Content/Uploads/UVZIP Printed cable ties.pdf
Marking Type Hot-Foil Print
Useable Length (mm) 170
Break Strength (KgF) 22
Removal Method Cutting Tool
Print Options Text Print
Sustainability 100% Recyclable
Pack Size Bags of 1000

Printed electrical cable ties for identification of live and neutral wire cables

Our 200x4.8mm blue and brown cable ties are hot-foil printed with corresponding 'N', 'L', 'L1', 'L2' and 'L3' markings to denote neutral and live wires comprised in single-phase and multi-phase electrical installations. Markings are repeated down the length of tie to ensure visibility at various angles and if excess tail requires cutting after installation. Our electrical cable ties allows electrical engineers and electricians to identify electrical cables during install, repair and inspection regimes.

  • Printed electrical cable ties pre-marked for wide adoption in electrical applications
  • Strong nylon construction and and indelible hot-foil print process ensures durable product


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