Plastic Fixed Length Seals

Our range of plastic fixed-length security seals or ring seals are ideal for a range of transport operations - including road, rail and many other applications spanning across industry. These types of seals are called ring seals due to the fixed loop they form when secured. They are also called truck seals, their main application being as a security seal on a truck's locking hasps or curtain sides buckles. Our ring seals are designed to be easily applied and removed without the need for tools - most fixed length seals are designed to break by hand with a sharp tug. We stockhold most products for a fast lead time, and can also offer customisation as required.

Unifreight Ring Security Seals

Multipurpose truck and trailer seal

DoubleLock Truck Seals

Enhanced truck security seal with twin-lock & protruding tail

Fleetlock Ring Security Seal

Trailer seal with paddle end

UNI560-Short Ring Seals

Short Trailer seal with paddle end

UNI560-Long Ring Seals

Long Trailer seal with paddle end


Combined plastic / metal strip seal with high quality print flag

SK1 Plug Seals

Tamper-evident plug seals for many kinds of tote boxes

Paired SK1 Plug Seals

Paired, duplicated plug seals for tote boxes