Tamper-Evident Seals for Keyholding: For when security is key!


keyholding management systems

The safe and secure storage, audit and tracking of keys for critical assets such as building doors, cars, and safety deposit boxes is a major operational challenge for any business. It is crucial that keys can be swiftly identified and an audit history be maintained of all keys held, to whom keys have been issued and where keys are currently located.

Our padlock security seals, also known as “key seals” or “security key tags”, provide an ideal solution to securely identify keys. Our key tag models come with a galvanised wire hasp and polypropylene bodies for strong and robust use. They are suitable for car dealerships, car hire depots, lease vehicle companies, security companies, estate agents and many more types of users.

Our padlock seals are pre-printed with unique sequential numbering and a white face for marking with biro or roller-ball pens. They are ideal for use as car key tags for dealerships to record hand-written vehicle registration numbers against each seal’s unique serial number.

Padlock seals can also be used in conjunction with retention pegs in key management panels and boxes, to ensure that keys cannot be removed without users first inputting their own peg – quickly allowing administrators to see visually which user or department has the relevant key. Additionally, we also offer our SealTrack platform, a service available from our website and which can be accessed from any PC or mobile device. The SealTrack platform allows Universeal customers to issue and record information when sealing keys with a unique padlock seal. For example, a car dealership might record the corresponding vehicle reg. number, the user in possession of keys, and any other application-specific information which might be relevant. This software can be tailored to your specific operation, with customised fields and multiple users. For further information, please contact us about our SealTrack Platform.

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