Universeal e-seal (PROTOTYPE)

SKU: Product Code: E-SEAL
Products specifications
Applications Multi-purpose seal, for deployment across industrial and transport sectors
Material GNSS / Radio frequency, electronic seal in plastic and metal housing

In development: GPS tamper-evident electronic seal

Universeal is working with leading British designers to create an electronic seal which will set new standards in tamper-evident security. Drawing from our 25-year experience in security seals, our solution combines advanced tamper-evident features and GPS communication technology to create an affordable, sustainable security solution for your supply chain.

We plan to begin conducting trials with commercial operators beginning 2019. We are interested in speaking with early adopters keen to work with us to further develop the solution for commercial deployment. Please click the Enquire Now button below to register your interest. Features include:

  • Superior tamper-evidence: patented tamper-detection technology
  • Better communication: the seal can communicate its state and position anywhere
  • Data rich: our platform will give you key insights into your supply chain
  • Sustainable: rechargeable battery ensures years of use




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