Asset Labels

SKU: Product Code: UVLBL
Manufacturer part number: UVLBL
Products specifications
Applications Many applications including identifying and tracing high value assets, such as computer and electronic equipment
Product Size Guide Bespoke
Material Options available: vinyl, polypropylene, 3M polyester, anodised aluminium
Average Break Strain N/a
Available Colours Standard colours: white, green, black, blue, purple, red
Stock Marking N/a
Customisation Options Customised with names, logos, barcodes, serial numbers

Custom Asset Identification label

Bespoke asset labels deter opportunistic theft and identify ownership of assets. They can also be used to track goods within your organisation. We have a variety of asset labels available including Vinyl asset labels, polypropylene, 3M polyester, anodised aluminium, tamper evident void polyester and destructible vinyl.

  • Small production runs and fast turnaround
  • High level of customisation


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