Infection Control & Social Distancing

Specialist infection control marking tapes, stickers, ties and tags assist in combatting the spread of infection caused by viruses and bacteria. The recent Covid 19 pandemic has underlined the importance of putting in place effective infection control and prevention strategies to protect your employees, customers and members of the public.

We offer a range of tapes, stickers, ties and tags to assist you, including low-tac infection control tapes to identify decontaminated equipment and kit, social distancing floor warning tapes and stickers, as well as other harzardous warning tape in a range of styles and colours.

Our infection control and social distancing warning tapes are manufactured from high-quality flame-retardant PVC, and are available in a choice of standard popular prints or available for bespoke customisation. 

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WHO formulation 75% alcohol liquid hand sanitiser

WHO-approved liquid hand sanitiser, with 75% alcohol formulation

Cleaned & Sanitised Security Labels

Void security labels for audit control of cleaning & sanitisation regimes

Low Tack Infection Control Tape

Low-adhesive infection control tape for identifying items requiring regular cleaning and sanitisation.

Social Distancing Warning Tape

High-quality laminated PVC floor warning tape for implementing social distancing measures

Hazard Warning Floor Tape

High-quality laminated PVC hazard floor warning tape in range of styles

Social Distance Floor Stickers

30cm Diameter Circular Floor Stickers with hard-wearing matt laminate for protection. High-tack adhesive for indoor and outdoor use.

Infection Control Advisory Posters

Quality vinyl posters in A3 size (29.7x42cm), available in standard or customised designs.

Cleaning & Inspection Tags

2.5mm wide colour-coded tags for cleaning & inspection regimens

200 micron Plastic InspectaTags

Bespoke 200 micron equipment inspection and industrial tags

500mic Durable InspectaTags

500mic durable polypropylene inspection tags, screen-printed for all-weather outdoor use

Write-on Tracewaste Tag

Our Tracewaste seals with custom-print, writeable areas

200x4.8mm Printed Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties printed to your specification. 200mm length.

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Infection Control & Social Distancing
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