Orange Clinical Waste Sacks

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Products specifications
Applications Sealing of clinical waste bags and sacks in medical, veterinary, dental and pharmaceutical sectors
Material Co-extruded, star-sealed material according to UN requirements
Average Break Strain 5-12kg UN approved weight categories

Orange clinical waste sacks for infectious human waste

Orange clinical waste sacks are used for the sealing of waste that has been produced from the treatment of infectious patients (including those suspected of having an infection) and are contaminated with body fluids including following: PPE, dressings, incontinence waste and intravenous bags. They are compliant with UN3291 packaging regulations.

As per guidance from the Department of Health, clinical waste bags should be sealed with a numbered security seal to prevent leakage and create an audit trail for the disposal of infectious waste - see our Clinical Waste Seals for more details.

  • Co-extruded and star sealed using advanced co-extrusion technology
  • 5kg, 8kg, 10kg and 12kg UN 3291 approved weight sacks
Estimated Dispatch Date
2-3 days


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