Shock Indicator Cargo Labels

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Manufacturer part number: UVINDS
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Products specifications
Applications Safe handling of pallets, export cases etc in many sectors, including automotive, precision components, furniture, scientific, medical and electrical industries
Product Size Guide 96 x 96mm
Material Acrylic Adhesive
Pack Size Carton of 100

Shock indicator labels. Monitor sensitive cargo to protect against mishandling during transit

Shock indicator labels protect delicate or sensitive equipment and cargo-in-transit. Each shock indicator label (also known as 'shock impact' or 'impact indicator' labels) watches and monitors for a shock (for example, drops or impacts from other objects) exceeding specified g-force values. A range of colour coded sensitivity levels are available (15g, 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g and 100g), calibrated to an appropriate force level beyond which damage or loss may occur (please refer to product selector chart).

As well as identifying mishandling during transit, shock indicator labels act as a deterrent against poor handling by freight handlers. Each shock indicator is produced with a counterpart notifying all parties that items are being monitored for inappropriate handling. Shock cargo labels can aid in customer satisfaction, reduce losses for damaged goods, and improved bottom line. Each label is uniquely numbered so that they cannot be replaced once mishandling has occurred.

  • Protect sensitive equipment and cargo from shock damage
  • Shock labels watch for excessive force beyond 15g, 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g and 100g force level
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1-2 days


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Carton of 100
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