Securing your workplace against Covid 19

Our Infection Control Range includes Floor Warning Tapes, Advisory Notices, Hand Sanitisers and Colour-Coded Tags... Helping you to Secure Your Workplace against Covid 19

During this difficult time, some of the most effective ways to keep people safe are also the simplest. Our infection control range of warning tapes, low-tack infection control tapes, floor stickerscolour-coded ties and Covid 19 advisory posters help to communicate critical health and safety guidance to your customers, employees and visitors.

We are also now supplying a liquid hand sanitiser product, specially formulated with 75% alcohol content as approved by WHO, to keep your people safe.

who-approved liquid sanitiser social distancing tape infection control tape
WHO-approved Liquid Hand Sanitiser Social Distancing Warning Tape Low-Tack Infection Control Tape 


 floor warning sticker  A3 vinyl advisory posters  Colour-coded Cleaning Inspection Ties
Floor Warning Stickers A3 Advisory Adhesive Posters Colour-coded Cleaning Tags


All of our product ranges can be customised to your requirements, so please contact us on 01829 760000 or [email protected] if you have particular requirements.

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