Plastic Pull-thru Security Seals

Plastic security seals, sometimes also known as "tamper-evident" or "tamperproof" tags and ties, provide protection against unauthorised interference with secured items. Our comprehensive range of plastic pull-through / pull-tight indicative security seals provide low cost solutions for a wide variety of security and tamper-evident sealing applications. They are available in many different shapes and sizes from light duty fire-extinguisher and first aid box seals to robust trailer door seals, Universeal has the right tamper-evident security product to fit your application. We supply many of our plastic security seals from stock, numbered in a range of colours. We can also customise the majority of our products with a quick delivery time. 

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Tracewaste Security Seals

Our low-cost, plastic pull thru seal with full customisation

Tracewaste Tear-Off Security Seals

Tracewaste seal with tear-line for easy removal

TabLock Security Seals

Low-cost all-in-one pull-through security seal in two lengths

UniFlag Big Tag Security Seals

Uniflag big tags - robust all-in-one seals with large paddle

Fire Seal / Single Use Equipment Seal

Universeal Fire Seal - fire extinguisher seal & inspection tag

Garelock Security Seals

Strong pull thru seal with a large paddle

UNI411 Security Seals

Pull-thru metal-insert seal with 3.7mm tail

UNI412 Security Seals

Strong, metal insert cash and postal bag security seal, available in three sizes

UNI412-XL Security Seals (Extra-long)

Extra-long & strong metal insert cash and mail bag security seal

UNI413 Security Seals

Pull-thru metal-insert seal with 3.7mm tail

UNI414 Security Seals

Pull-thru metal-insert seal with 2mm tail, available in two sizes

UNI415 Security Seals

Metal insert cash bag seal, with tear-off and label-holder option

UNI416 Security Seals

Versatile pull-through security seal with 2mm tail available in 3 lengths

UNI540 Security Seals

Our small flag seal with easy tear-line

UNI570 Security Seals

Mini pull-through seal for small applications

Securelock Smooth Tail (285mm) Seals

Our strong pull-through smooth tail seal, suitable for cold-weather use

Securelock Smooth Tail (385mm) Seals

Our strong pull-through smooth tail seal, extended length

Securelock Ridged Tail Seals

Small nylon pull-through security seals with ridged tail

Pullock Security Seals

Small seal featuring double-side lock mechanism

Dual Lock Security Seals

Tear-off flag seal with duplicate numbers

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