Safety Warning Tag - Do Not Operate

SKU: Product Code: UVLOC-LT02
Manufacturer part number: UVLOC-LT02
Products specifications
Material PVC tag
Applications Used in conjunction with all lockout equipment, to convey key safety information
Product Size Guide 75×146mm
Customisation Options Full customised service available for bespoke printed information
Stock Marking Front Side: "Do not operate. This lock / tag may only be removed by..." / Reverse Side: "Danger. The energy source has been LOCKED OUT. Only the individual who signed the reverse side may remove this lock/tag."

Re-writeable safety warning tag - Do Not Operate

Lockout tags are a crucial part of lockout / tagout regimes, communicating key safety-critical information to employees - for example, who is responsible for locking out of the valve, who is authorised to remove / make changes, and any other crucial safety information. The safety lockout tags are printed on both sides, making sure the vital information is always visible.

  • Durable PVC tag, available in standard and custom versions
  • Lockout Tag can be written by PVC lockout pen. Other wording and designs can be custom made.


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